Sun Dried Tomato, Oregano and Roasted Garlic Buns

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Final buns

I was originally planning on using basil instead of oregano but the grocery store was out. I’m using a poolish for this recipe, which in hindsight isn’t really necessary since the sun dried tomato will overpower any extra flavour a pre-ferment will add. This recipe should make 6 120g buns, but I lost too much dough on the spoon, my hands, and the bowl and was only able to make 5.

I’ll be trying to improve this recipe in a future post, next time I’ll use basil, add more roasted garlic and not use a poolish.

Bakers Percentage

Flour    100%
Water    100%
Yeast    0.27%

Preferment    100%
Flour    100.0%
Water    86.0%
Salt    2.0%
Yeast    1.0%
Sun Dried Tomato    14.0%
Pepper    0.5%
Garlic    8.0%
Oregano    2.0%

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