Cracked Wheat and Wheat Germ Sausage Buns

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This is the first recipe I created, it took 4 tries until I felt that I had perfected it. I toast the wheat germ and cracked wheat first, both for about 5 minutes on medium low heat. I find that using honey instead of sugar gives the bread a slightly sweeter flavour. This bread is very soft and works well as a loaf for sandwiches, or buns for hamburgers, hotdogs and sausages. In the future I plan on making a 100% whole wheat version of this recipe.

I’ve included a link to the spreadsheet that has the bakers percentage at the bottom of this post.

View Bakers Percentage spreadsheet.
If you’d like to use this recipe to make a specific amount of dough, you can download the spreadsheet from Google Docs (download as Excel or OpenOffice) and enter a new weight into the Desired Weight cell at the bottom.

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